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Selection of Building Template Support System

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The template support system is divided into the following types, and the selection should be based on specific engineering requirements.

1. Coupler type steel pipe support system


Unsafe: The vertical pole is connected to the horizontal pole with fasteners, while the vertical pole is connected with straight fasteners, resulting in poor stability

Not environmentally friendly: the main keel is mostly 100 × 100 square meters, with a large amount of wood input

High aging rate: has been circulating in the market for many years, with severe corrosion and wall thickness generally less than 3mm

Low efficiency: During the dismantling process, fasteners need to be disassembled and assembled, resulting in slow dismantling speed

High loss: The connection fastener is separated from the steel pipe, resulting in a high loss rate of the fastener

Not flexible: The height of the upright pole is limited by the length of the steel pipe in the market, and the combination of height and modulus is not flexible

2. Bowl buckle type steel pipe support system

Advantages: The bowl buckle bracket is a widely used support system in the construction industry for many years. The bracket is designed with a toothed bowl buckle joint, which is not only quick and labor-saving to assemble and disassemble, but also has a simple structure, stable and reliable stress, avoiding bolt operation, not easy to lose loose accessories, safe to use, convenient and economical.

Disadvantages: Its universality is poor, and accessories are easily damaged and inconvenient to repair. Moreover, the market lacks specialized accessories such as diagonal bars for bowl holders, and most of them need to be combined with steel pipe fastener holders to reduce their actual bearing capacity.

3. Portal frame steel pipe support system

Portal frames are widely used in southern China and the decoration industry. Portal scaffolding belongs to standard and standardized components, which are easy to install and have high work efficiency. The cross diagonal bars used in it have a small cross-sectional size and good economy. However, as a tool based standardized product, there are also issues with universality.

4. Disc buckle steel pipe support system

Advantages of the buckle type steel pipe support system:

1. The surface is hot-dip galvanized, with high load-bearing capacity;

2. The node connection is reliable, and the vertical and horizontal poles are connected axially, with a supporting diagonal rod connection, which improves the stability of the frame against lateral forces;

3. The serialization and standardization design of the rod components can adapt to various structures and spatial configurations, with flexible matching. Due to the connection of diagonal rods, it can also be used to build cantilever structures, span structures, etc;

4. Compared with other support systems, the product has a lifespan of 15 years under the same load conditions.

5. Socket keyway steel pipe bracket

A building template support system that is easy to operate, cost-effective, and safe and reliable to use, without vulnerable parts, has good durability, and can accelerate template turnover, save investment, reduce labor costs, and shorten the construction period.

6. Bench mold

Formwork, also known as flying formwork, is a large tool type formwork for cast-in-place reinforced concrete floors. Usually, there is one model per room. Formwork is a large tool type formwork composed of platform plates, beams, brackets, supports, and adjustable legs. It can be demolded and transported as a whole, and can be transferred from the poured floor slab to the upper layer for reuse using a crane. Suitable for the construction of cast-in-place concrete floors with large bays and depths in high-rise buildings, as well as the construction of cast-in-place beamless floors without column caps in buildings such as cold storage and warehouses.

7. Aluminum alloy template

Short construction cycle, multiple repetitions, low usage cost, convenient construction, good stability, high bearing capacity, wide application range, high recycling value, and simple on-site management