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Selection of building templates

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There are many types of building templates, what kind of building conditions do you need to choose?

1、 Wood formwork

At present, wooden formwork is commonly used on construction sites, which belongs to a type of artificial building formwork. The commonly used ones are seven story boards, eight story boards, etc. It is widely used in building basements, pipe galleries and ditches, cast-in-place houses, and cast-in-place column formwork for small high-rise buildings.

2、 Steel formwork

Steel formwork is an extension of wooden formwork, mainly used as a formwork tool for pouring concrete into shape during the construction of houses or bridges. In its reinforcement system, the component strength is high and the combined stiffness is large, which can make the plate production accuracy accurate, the joints tight, and not easily deformed. The overall integrity of the template is good, and the seismic resistance is strong. However, the steel formwork weighs a lot and requires the use of lifting machinery for transportation during mobile installation, resulting in higher costs.

3、 Aluminum template

Aluminum templates, also known as aluminum alloy templates, are a new generation of templates that have emerged after wooden templates and steel templates. Compared to steel formwork, it has a relatively light self weight, but its load-bearing capacity is also quite good, especially suitable for mechanized operations. Moreover, aluminum formwork has a smooth surface, which can effectively improve the surface quality of concrete; Compared to wooden templates, the cost of adding aluminum alloy templates is relatively high. For construction units with limited funds, using aluminum templates as cast-in-place molds is costly.

4、 Glued formwork

Glued formwork mainly consists of wood plywood and bamboo plywood, which are characterized by light weight, large area, suitable for secondary processing, and multiple turnover times. Moreover, bamboo plywood has better stiffness, strength, and hardness than wood, and is not easily deformed even when exposed to water or moisture.

5、 Plastic template

The new type of hollow plastic template can be said to achieve the green long-term development of "replacing wood with plastic". Its cost is lower than aluminum template, and it does not require release agents during use, and is easy to recycle. It is more in line with the development needs of national green buildings, but its construction cost is higher than wood template.

In the construction process, the construction unit needs to comprehensively consider some cost factors, turnover factors, concrete appearance factors, etc., in order to choose a suitable template.