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Difference between formwork support system and scaffold

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The support system of turnbuckle scaffold is divided into vertical pole, horizontal pole, inclined pole, adjustable base, adjustable bracket and zigzag

Composition of formwork support system: panel, support, support and connector

Quality control of formwork support system:

1、 Control through calculation: according to the existing structural specifications and the actual situation of the construction site, the technicians of the project department must check and calculate the strength, stiffness and stability of the formwork support system.

2、 Control through structural reinforcement:

1. Add horizontal connecting rod

2. Vertical and horizontal sweeping rods are set at the bottom

3. Set continuous diagonal bracing

4. Increase the section of upright

3、 Carry out mandatory control from the supervision and management system:

1. Implement a strict system of preparation, examination and approval

2. The content of the construction scheme shall be clearly required:

① Calculation sheet must be provided for formwork support

② Detailed structure drawing

③ Construction procedures, schemes and safety measures for fabrication, installation and demolition

④ After the installation of formwork works, it shall be inspected and accepted according to the design requirements

Technical measures for formwork support system:

1. Before concrete pouring, the formwork works shall be accepted.

2. Install the upper formwork and support. The lower formwork should have the bearing capacity to bear the load of the upper layer, or erect the support. The upright rods of the upper and lower supports should be aligned, and the base plate should be laid. The support shall be self-contained and shall not be connected with the scaffold.

3. The formwork installation must ensure the correct shape, size and mutual position of each part of the structural member.

4. The formwork and its support shall be designed according to the engineering structural form, load size, foundation soil type, construction equipment and material supply and other conditions The formwork and its support shall have sufficient bearing capacity, stiffness and stability, and can reliably bear the weight, lateral pressure and construction load of cast-in-place concrete.

5. The formwork joints shall be tight without mortar leakage, and the formwork shall be watered and wetted

6. The contact surface between formwork and concrete shall be painted with isolating agent after cleaning.